Aliquot Size: 10 µg each

Sex: Males: 42 Females: 68

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Catalog IDSexFamilyRelationshipGeneMutationAffected
NA12909Female1477paternal grandmother   
NA12841Female1458paternal grandmother   
NA12813Female1454paternal grandmother   
NA12749Female1444paternal grandmother   
NA12273Female1418paternal grandmother   
NA11993Female1362paternal grandmother   
NA17065Female    Yes
NA17634Female proband  No
NA17448Female proband  No
NA17443Female proband  No
NA17028Female    Yes
NA17061Female    Yes
NA17167Female    No
NA17074Female    No
NA17037Female    No
NA17038Female    No
NA17172Female    No
NA17317Female    Unknown
NA17312Female    Yes
NA17158Female    No
NA17033Female    No
NA17684Female proband  No
NA17040Female    No
NA17068Female    No
NA17072Female    Yes
NA17166Female    No
NA17030Female    No
NA17036Female    No
NA17039Female    No
NA17029Female    Yes
NA17032Female    No
NA17161Female    No
NA17034Female    No
NA17035Female    No
NA17076Female    No
NA17071Female    No
NA17063Female    Yes
NA17073Female    Yes
NA17062Female    Yes
NA10472Female proband   
NA10473Female proband   
NA10493Female proband   
NA10496Female proband   
NA11521Female proband   
NA11523Female proband   
NA11524Female proband   
NA11525Female proband   
NA13617Female proband   
NA13618Female proband   
NA17018Female    No
NA17019Female  HLA-BHLA-B*1502 (Mono), HLA-B*1511 (Mono)No
NA17057Female  CYP2D6, UGT1A16 TA Repeats (Bi), PRO34SER (Mono)No
NA17058Female  UGT1A16 TA Repeats (Mono), 7 TA Repeats (Mono)No
NA17086Female    No
NA17087Female    No
NA17387Female    No
NA17391Female    No
NA17060Male    No
NA17075Male    Yes
NA17078Male  HLA-BHLA-B*5703 (Mono)Yes
NA17315Male    Unknown
NA17701Male proband  No
NA17067Male    Yes
NA17710Male proband  No
NA17314Male    No
NA17698Male proband  No
NA17700Male proband  No
NA17316Male    Yes
NA17636Male proband  No
NA17066Male    No
NA17077Male    No
NA17064Male    No
NA17313Male    Yes
NA10469Male proband   
NA10470Male proband   
NA10492Male proband   
NA10494Male proband   
NA10495Male proband   
NA11522Male proband   
NA13607Male proband   
NA13608Male proband   
NA13609Male proband   
NA13610Male proband   
NA13611Male proband   
NA13619Male proband   
NA17016Male    No
NA17017Male    No
NA17020Male    No
NA17056Male    No
NA17088Male    No
NA17388Male    No
NA17389Male    No