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Aliquot Size: 50 µg each

Sex: Males: 53 Females: 37

Brief Description: The HAPMAPPT03 plate, from the Yoruba in Ibadan, Nigeria includes a set of 30 Trios with 90 samples. In addition, there are 5 duplicated samples and 1 buffer control. The concentration of each DNA sample to be plated is normalized and then this concentration is verified. The DNA concentration is 250 ng/µl and there are 50 µg of DNA per well. Once all samples are in place, a DNA fingerprint is determined for each sample to verify the identity on the plate. The specific position on the plates has been optimized by NHGRI to reduce any possible errors in sample identity during the genotyping process. The positions of the 5 duplicated samples and 1 buffer control are indicated by gray shading.

Subsequent to submission and the establishment of cell lines in this panel, a detailed analysis of HapMap data has shown that there are previously unreported family relationships to other members of this panel, as described in Nature 437:1299-1320 (2005). (See Supplementary Table 15 and Supplementary Information on p.12 [PMID: 16255080]).

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