Zhenya Tang, MD, PhD

zhenya_tangScientific Lead, Cytogenetics Services

“Our mission in the cytogenetics lab is to intensively investigate, confirm, and monitor chromosomal changes of cell lines in our collections. Modern technologies at Coriell, like genotyping, allow us to provide high-quality cytogenomic analysis services to researchers.”

Zhenya Tang, MD, PhD, is the scientific lead for Coriell Institute's Cytogenetics services division. Zhen oversees all cytogenetic analyses of cell lines within Coriell’s Biobank and also, cytogenetic services provided to external scientific researchers. In conjunction with Coriell’s Genotyping and Microarray Center, Zhen analyzes and reports array CGH experimental results obtained using the Affymetrix SNP 6.0 platform.
Before joining Coriell, Zhen received his clinical cytogenetics training with Dr. Franklin Desposito at the Institute of Genomic Medicine, UMDNJ, in Newark, New Jersey. He currently holds active candidate status for the American Board of Medical Genetics certification.
Zhen received his graduate degree in science and his medical degree from Tongji Medical University, Wuhan, China. He earned his PhD degree from the Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg, Germany. Zhen completed his postdoctoral research and subsequently served as a staff scientist managing a translational research laboratory in the Ochsner Clinic Foundation, New Orleans, Louisiana, for several years.