Michael J. Seneca

mike senecaDirector, Core Services

"While our team manages day-to-day physical operations of the Institute, our focus is not short-term. Our mission is to continuously improve the infrastructure of Coriell, so our scientists can focus on the scientific accomplishments of our future."

Michael J. Seneca is director of core services at Coriell Institute. Mike leads a talented team to manage several operational functions essential to the Institute's research mission – including purchasing, capital expenditures, and contracting. The Coriell Quality Improvement Program, implemented by Core Services, is designed to identify and employ cost-saving opportunities for the organization.

The Institute's physical presence occupies more than 76,000 square feet at its location in Camden, New Jersey. The Institute maintains more than 100 cryogenic storage tanks which each hold from 500 to 800 gallons of liquid nitrogen. Furthermore, Coriell houses more than 50 large freezers containing frozen vials of DNA and other biomaterials. In addition to managing the needs at Coriell's headquarters, Mike and his team are responsible for maintenance at Coriell's off-site storage locations.