Coriell Co-Authors Forward-Looking Precision Medicine Paper

February 2016

Coriell Institute has co-authored a perspective examining the current state and plausible trajectory of clinical genome and exome sequencing.

A result of Illumina's Understand Your Genome KOL Summit that drew together a range of top authorities on precision medicine, the paper offers a collective view of the field and identifies many of the challenges and opportunities that must be considered in translating advances in genomics more widely into the practice of medicine. "Toward Clinical Genomics in Everyday Medicine: Perspectives and Recommendations," was published in Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics (February 2016).

The paper calls on healthcare systems, providers and payers, employers and patient consumers, and industry to promote wider adoption of clinical and exome sequencing by collaborating on productive opportunities such as patient education, concordance in coverage policy, and clinical guidelines

Coriell's Susan Delaney, director of government affairs and policy, served as the lead author. Coriell was also represented by president and CEO, Dr. Michael Christman, and Scott Megill, president and CEO of Coriell Life Sciences. Dr. Robert Green, director of the G2P Research Program at Brigham and Woman's Hospital, Broad Institute and Harvard Medical School served as senior author.

The diverse group of more than 40 thought leaders came from academia, industry, policy, and patient advocacy, and included Dr. Michael Hultner, chief scientist at Lockheed Martin; Dr. Howard Jacob, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology; Dr. David Ledbetter, Geisinger Health System; and Dr. Jeanette McCarthy, Duke University Center for Applied Genomics and Precision Medicine.

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