Kelsey Keith

Associate Bioinformatics Scientist

After working in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology, I realized my interests lay more in statistical and data analysis, and I completed a Master’s degree in bioinformatics at Temple University. As a bioinformatician, I have extensive experience working with genetic and epigenetic data through next generation sequencing applications, including de novo variant calling (WES, DNA-seq), expression (RNA-seq, scRNA-seq), protein-DNA interactions (ChIP-seq, CUT&RUN), chromatin accessibility (ATAC-seq) and DNA methylation (DREAM, RRBS, WGBS) at both bulk and single cell resolutions. As Coriell’s research group started working with single cell technology, I led the development of the single cell analysis pipeline.

As part of the research group at Coriell, my interests lie in the epigenetic regulation of aging and cancer, particularly DNA methylation. As a bioinformatics scientist, I work closely with other Coriell researchers to analyze their data and integrate it with other datasets as part of our multi-omics approach to our research. Current projects include the effect of the gut microbiome on DNA methylation, pipeline development for new methods as they are brought online here at Coriell, and the epigenetic consequences of aging and cancer.


MS - Temple University, Philadelphia, PA          

BS - The George Washington University, Washington D.C