Almedia McCoy

Laboratory Manager

Since earning my B.A. in Biology from Temple University, I have worked in biomedical research for 15 years in different disciplines. I started at East Carolina University and worked in the Department of Microbiology under Dr. Sam Pennington, whose interest was the effects of maternal high fat diet on offspring in Sprague Dawley rats. While at East Carolina, I transferred to the Department of Pulmonary Medicine to study the role of PPARy in Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis under the direction of Dr. Mary Jane Thommassen.

I relocated to my home state of New Jersey and started working at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. While at CHOP, I worked in the Division of Cardiology under Dr. Fraz Ismat, studying the role of microRNAs in the developing outflow tract. Prior to joining Coriell I was in the Division of Child Neurology, under Dr. Eric Marsh, understanding the role ARX in pediatric epilepsy and managing the rodent EEG core facility.

I have many years of laboratory mouse experience and molecular techniques which I bring to Coriell.  


BA-Temple University, Philadelphia, PA