Shoghag Panjarian, PhD

Assistant Professor
Research Scientist

During my PhD training, my research focused on studying the dynamics and signaling of non-receptor tyrosine kinases with specific attention on the identification of novel allosteric inhibitors targeting drug resistant forms of the kinases.

As postdoctoral scientist at Temple University and currently as a research scientist at Coriell Institute, I am interested in devising models and strategies to discover epigenetically modified breast cancer drivers and in unraveling novel synthetically lethal targets within the context of epigenetically modified breast cancer driver genes. I'm also studying epigenetic changes in aging breast epithelium and is designing novel platforms for drug screening of epigenetic targets.


Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

PhD - University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

MS - The American University of Beirut, Beirut

BS - Haigazian University, Beirut      


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