Kate Driesbaugh, PhD

Assistant Professor
Director of Repository Operations

In my role as Principal Investigator of the Huntington's Disease (HD) Community Biorepository, Congenital Heart Disease GEnetic NEtwork Study (CHD GENES) Biorepository, and the National Eye Institute (NEI) Repository, my primary research interests involve repository sciences, including improving the accessibility of high-quality biospecimens to the research community.

The Coriell Institutional Review Board (IRB) protects the rights and welfare of human research subjects recruited to participate in research activities conducted at Coriell. As the Vice-Chair of the Coriell IRB, my research interests lie in the ethics and regulatory aspects of conducting human subjects research studies, particularly the evolution of regulations surrounding the biobanking of human biospecimens. Biospecimen repositories are critical resources utilized across medical research including my other research areas of cellular and molecular characterization of cancer, vascular, and cardiac biology processes. 


Postdoctoral Training - Department of Surgery, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA; Department of Pediatric Cardiology, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA  

PhD - University of Maryland Baltimore, Baltimore, MD

BS - Albright College, Reading, PA  



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