Scientists around the world trust the Coriell Institute to provide the biological samples they need for their research.
But not all scientists have the same needs.

Coriell offers custom products and services for many of the samples
offered through its repositories.


Our labs are ready to prepare customized products such as DNA, RNA, cell pellets, and more in various amounts for customers with different needs.

Unique Solutions for
Unique Needs.

In research, there aren't always off-the-shelf solutions, which is why Coriell offers a wide range of custom products and services from many of the collections in our care. The biological products in Coriell's care include fibroblast and lymphoblastoid cell lines, induced pluripotent stem cell lines, DNA, RNA, high molecular weight DNA, formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue, and more.

Coriell's innovation today is a commitment to your future.

Coriell approaches each day with an entrepreneurial energy and confronts challenges with agility and focus. By taking scientific ideas and turning them into medical advances, Coriell's innovation today is a testament to its pioneering past.

Custom Bulk DNA Lots

DNA from Coriell is typically offered in 10 or 25 ug vials, but many of the DNA samples in Coriell's care can be ordered in custom, bulk amounts(more than 1 mg). For customers interested in ordering large amounts of DNA in one single order, this option can be more effective than traditional catalog DNA samples

Cell Pellets

Coriell's labs can also create frozen, cell pellets for many of the cell lines in its biobank. Cell pellets contain a customizable amount of cells that customers can use to extract DNA or RNA. This is a popular option for scientists interested in doing their own nucleic acid extraction, but lack the capacity to culture live cell lines.

High Molecular Weight (HMW) DNA

This is a new offering from the NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository and the NHGRI Sample Repository for Human Genetics. HMW DNA is useful for long-read next-generation sequencing and studies that investigate large-scal genomic variation such as structural variation. HMW DNA is readily available for certain samples on our catalog, but can be made on-demand for many other samples in these collections.


RNA is not offered by Coriell as a standard sample type, but we can extract RNA from select samples in Coriell's care.

Custom DNA Vials/Plates/Panel

Certain collections will also allow customers to create their own custom vials, plates, or panels of their DNA samples. Customers can choose the samples, the amount of DNA they'd like, and the arrangement of those samples on a plate.

Interested in a made-to-order biological sample solution?