The CIRM hPSC Repository contains control hPSCs for the various diseases and disorders represented in the collection. The clinical and genetic information (if available) from control subjects serves as a standard to compare corresponding data from disease subjects. Additionally, the Repository contains hPSCs from many unaffected family members of affected individuals.

Control Samples  

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Age Matched Controls - Sample list:

Age Range |


0-4 M | F
5-14 M | F
15-24 M | F
25-34 M | F
35-44 M | F
45-54 M | F
55-64 M | F
65-74 M | F
75+ M | F
*Lines are grown feeder free on E8/vitronectin and are frozen in colony form.

Clinical Data

CIRM Repository samples are accompanied by standardized sets of clinical data (Clinical Data Questionnaires).

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