Presentation Guidelines

* Use the template provided by Coriell to begin your PowerPoint. It is in accordance with the following requirements.

Format Requirements:

It is important to remember that the judges will be viewing your presentation on a computer screen. A clean PowerPoint design ensures that all of your hard work is showcased, not your graphic design ability.

  • The page size MUST be standard 11 X 8.5 .
  • The page background color must remain white. This ensures that any judges with color vision problems will be able to read the presentation.
  • The text color should be predominantly black.
  • All text should be easily readable when viewing the entire page at once. Minimum font size for content is 14pt. Your page titles should be an 18pt. font minimum.
  • There should be no links or embedded video in the document.
  • The presentation MUST be saved as a single PDF document limited to no more than 12 pages (the required paperwork display slides, e.g. 1C, 5B, and 7, do not count towards the slide number limit).

Format Recommendations:

These recommendations will help ensure that your work and progress are adequately displayed in a
readable format.

  • Do not use non-standard fonts or colors. If you have doubts about a font, use Arial, it is the default for Google Slides and is included in Mac and Windows.
  • Avoid long expository paragraphs. State your points succinctly.
    • Use bullet points or numbering where appropriate to clearly make your points.
  • Try to keep all of your text consistent across the presentation. Remember, this is a scientific paper, impress the judges with your work.