Neda Gharani, PhD

neda_gharaniSenior Research Scientist, Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative
Principal Investigator, National Human Genome Research Institute Sample Repository

“It is truly a privilege to be involved in the international effort of the 1000 Genomes Consortium which provides the resources and tools that make projects like the Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative possible and the implementation of personalized medicine tangible.”

Neda Gharani, PhD, is a senor research scientist at Coriell Institute for the Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative® (CPMC®), a research study that aims to evaluate the utility of using the knowledge of genetics in health management. Neda has spearheaded the CPMC pharmacogenomics risk reporting efforts by developing the CPMC pharmacogenomics appraisal, evidence scoring and interpretation system and the creation of gene-drug pair analyses and reports for the CPMC study participants.

In addition, Neda serves as principal investigator of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) Sample Repository for Human Genetic Research at Coriell. This biobank of cell lines and DNA includes samples for the International HapMap and 1000 Genomes Project collections. The HapMap and 1000 Genomes projects continue to be a key resource for researchers searching for genes affecting health, disease, and responses to drugs and environmental factors. Neda’s responsibilities include managing the scientific operations of the biobank, and interfacing with submitters of biospecimens and NIH project officers.

Prior to joining Coriell, Neda was a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Genetics at Rutgers University, where her research interests were focused on the discovery of autism susceptibility genes.

Neda earned her doctorate in human molecular genetics from Imperial College, London. She subsequently completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the Clinical Sciences Center, Imperial College, before moving to the United States to pursue, initially, a postdoctoral fellowship and then, a faculty position in the Department of Genetics at Rutgers University. Neda has been in the field of complex genetic disorders for more than 15 years, working on diverse diseases including polycystic ovary syndrome, Type 2 diabetes, and autism – and since joining Coriell, on the implementation of genomics in health management.